A pretty incredible disappointing palette. Yep, I said it! The colours, although presented beautifully in the adverts, are nothing compared in person. These colours are not pigmented and definitely not easy to apply. There is no transition colour, and the shimmers seem like they are a matt. The layout is pleasing to the eye and would make for an overall face palette with the right formulas. However, the ‘highlighter’, or whatever is presented on the sides are non-existent. As you can see on my wrist and near my elbow. The dark shade ‘striking’ is beautiful. It is pigmented and flawless. However, the rest can be thrown in the dustbin. I was really upset with this product as it was not at all like any of the rest of the eyeshadow palettes by Revolution. With the right formula, this palette would be the one to beat, but currently it is the one to beat with a bat. 

This disapproval Jenny palette is not the one to buy! Walk away! Even at a sale of R160.00, it is better to save up and spend your money on something better other than this palette. 


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